Top Notch Security: The Prisons That Are Impossible To Break Out Of (Part One)

Jail Cell With Open Door And Bunch Of Keys

There are certain prisons in operation around the world, where average prison security isn’t enough. These are the prisons that house some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, and extra security is a must.

We wrote a post a while ago in which we highlighted some of the greatest prison escapes that have ever taken place around the globe. These people were able to break out of a building that is meant to be one of the most secure places in the world – no one wants to think of a prison as being easy to leave.

As a company who specialises in providing an extensive range of security solutions such as glass doors, roller shutters, and fire shutters in Essex, we found these breaches of security almost unbelievable. We are passionate about security, and that is why we have decided to do another prison post, but this time looking at prisons around the world that have security that good – it’s basically impossible to break in or out.

Read on to find out more about these high security prisons!

Jail Cell With Open Door And Bunch Of Keys

Souza Baranowski Center

The Souza Baranowski Center is located in Massachusetts, USA and is one of the most tightly controlled prisons in the whole of America.

It has a high quality security system that was designed and constructed by a team from MIT – a private research university in Massachusetts that is for those who are gifted in Technology. This system is able to monitor every room and cell in the prison 24/7, and from every single angle possible.

As well as a high tech camera set up, the prison also has electronically controlled doors, and guards who patrol the perimeter of the prison 24/7.

We think it’s highly unlikely that anyone is escaping from this one!

Fuchu Prison

Fuchu Prison in Japan is one of the largest in the country and is considered as having some of the best security in the world. It has some of the newest and most advanced technology and equipment in place, which is all there exclusively to keep the prisoners inside.

It also has a high quality emergency alert system that is triggered at even the sign of someone attempting to escape.


Camp Delta

Camp Delta can be found in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, but actually belongs to the USA. Despite the name, it’s definitely nothing like a camp for the prisoners who are placed in here.

Camp Delta is split into seven different camps, and each one serves a different purpose and has its own level of security. Camp 3 is maximum security, and is the one that all new prisoners are placed in first. Until recently, Camp 7 or Camp Platinum was a secret camp in which the worse criminals were taken. Their lawyers weren’t even permitted to know where they were!

It’s believed that within Camp Delta, there could be up to 12 prison officers placed in charge of just one prisoner – they are taking no chances!

Even if a prisoner did somehow manage to escape, they would only be heading straight into the American military base – so they are probably best staying where they are.

Handcuffed Hands

We hope that you have found this post, about the prisons with the best security in the world, as fascinating as we did in writing it! As a company who specialises in security solutions, we love hearing about some of these world class security measures. Keep on reading back as we will be continuing this series at a later date!

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