Surprisingly Unsecure ‘Secure’ Locations (Part One)

Regular readers of our blog will know that, as leading suppliers of security doors in London, we take security pretty seriously. And with that in mind we’ve looked at all sorts of security issues here – from mega heists and the most secure locations on Earth, to keeping your student digs safe. But today we’re going to check out some of the most unsecure places in the world that you’d really expect to be unbreakable. So let’s start with…


The Vatican


‘The Pope’s home, that’s got to be a pretty secure place,’ we all think. Then, in 2013, some German guy with a jury-rigged get-up proved us all wrong. Ralph Napierski knocked up his own Bishop’s costume – comprised of a small cassock, his mother’s purple scarf, and a fedora –and pretended to be a member of the entirely fictional Italian Orthodox Church. How far did that get him? Well, he walked through an armed security checkpoint, posed for photographs, and almost made it into the nerve centre of the Vatican as they prepared to vote for a new Pope before being dragged away. And if that’s not bad enough, Pope John Paul II was almost assassinated by an actual priest back in 1982 – so you’d think the Swiss Guard would be wise to that trick by now.


Lots of Zoos


From the outside, zoos seem like Fort Knox – at least to the animals behind cages. Probably for the best, too, since you wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe with a famished Bengal tiger. But, despite all the wires and fences and cages and keepers, zoos aren’t half as secure as you’d think. As you might imagine, animal smuggling is big business, and to a professional animal smuggler, a zoo is essentially like a Tesco Superstore. In Oklahoma City Zoo, the pesky smugglers stole a rare chuckwalla lizard; Australia’s Adelaide Zoo lost a couple of grey parrots; and in the UK, 50 exotic birds were taken. And all it took for thieves to do it was… a pair of wire cutters and a dash of reckless abandon.


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