Steel Door – High Security / Blast Steel Door – SD3, SD4 & SD5 – London, Essex


The door is the natural point of entry for both wanted and unwanted visitors; if security is your prime concern, here at Abacus Shutters we provide a range of excellent quality high security doors in London and Essex which offer ideal protection for your property. For properties which require the most durable protection possible, these blast resistant doors in London and Essex will withstand determined attacks to keep your property secure.

Our SD4 high security and blast resistant doors in London and Essex offer a physical barrier to deter and delay intruders for a specified period of time. They are designed to protect medium to high risk properties from experienced attempts at forced entry, regardless of noise, using heavy hand and battery tools or explosives. These doors are tested to ENV1627 Class 3, 4 and 5 for security and BSEN13124-2 for blast resistance. This is security with aesthetics.

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