Residential Roller Shutters in London & Essex


Do you want to control the inside temperature of your home far more effectively than ever before?

Aluminium residential roller shutters in London and Essex from Abacus Shutters will help you reduce your energy cost for heating by up to 40%. They also reduce noise from outside and improve your quality of life. The rigid aluminium shutters increase protection against vandalism and burglary with our unique locking mechanism

During sunshine hours our shutters will control direct sunlight and reduce the fading effects of sun. These aluminium shutters can change daylight into night time giving complete privacy and improved sleeping conditions.

Residential roller shutters are exposed to all types of weather and environmental conditions, causing many problems for aluminium shutters with conventional finishes. Our residential Super Mini Profiles will resist the most adverse influences. They are double coated with a final PVC lacquer for an abrasion resistant finish. Compared to other profiles with conventional coating, our standard has considerable advantages:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Increased thickness of coating
  • Improved protection against corrosion and high colour stability against UV-degradation
  • All these improvements increase the durability of the shutter

The profiles are precision roll formed from high quality aluminium alloy. For additional strength, security and a smooth, silent operation a foam core is injected into each profile. Our standard quality finish is available in white and brown; however, these shutters can be coated in any standard RAL/BS4800 powder coat finish.

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