New Installation – Roller Shutters and Swing Door Set

The team at Abacus Shutters recently installed a new manual glazed swing door set with glazed side panel and 7 aluminium perforated roller shutters to 154 Commercial Street London E1.

The new venture meant that the main contractor had to ensure that the premises was fit to be accessed by the general public, which is why they contacted Abacus Shutters to provide the appropriate door and shutter systems for them.

The first step was to install a brand new entrance door set that created a welcoming yet secure opening for customers and visitors. The original door set and frame were removed and the new manual glazed door set with side panel was installed into the existing building structure along with the entrance door shutter in the same day. This ensured that the client’s premises would be safe and secure overnight.

Manual Glazed Swing Door Set

The Abacus Shutters team then got to work installing our specialist aluminium perforated roller shutter doors to the exterior of the building. The roller shutters are operated by 240v 1-phase tubular motor with 2 key switches and two group command units (all 6 window shutters open on one key). Training was then provided to the client by the Abacus Shutters team on how to operate the roller shutters and door set safely.

Aluminium Perforated Roller Shutters

Once the shutters and door set had been installed, Abacus Shutters ensured that everything was working in the correct order, and further inspections can be carried out as part of a routine maintenance check if the client partakes in an Abacus Shutters PPM Contract. Our client was thrilled with the installations, and the Abacus Shutters team wished them well in their new venture.

To find out more about our automatic or manual sliding or swing doors or our full range of roller shutter doors, please get in touch by visiting the Abacus Shutters website or telephone our team on 0845 644 1225.