London Burglaries: The Facts and Figures

There’s undoubtedly a lot of perks to living in the capital, but the preponderance of property burglaries isn’t one of them. London’s vibrancy, career prospects, nightlife and heritage might be highly attractive, but it can’t fully disguise the fact that it is one of the burglary ‘hotspots’ of the country.


Burglary Hotspots

According to an article in The Independent from earlier in the year, over half of the top 20 burglary hotspots in the country are located in London. Although Manchester holds the dubious honour of being the most robbed area in the UK, London postcodes still dominate the list overall. Areas like Herne Hill and Tulse Hill were especially prominent, as was Muswell Hill, with all three localities registering more than 40 burglary insurance claims per thousand people.

London Crime Stats

Burglary and robbery are problematic in many areas of the UK, but in a large and wealthy urban centre like London they can be unusually prevalent. According to UK Crime Stats, in May 2014 a total of 27 burglary incidents were reported, and 4 further cases of robbery were registered as well. All told, 2014 has seen 113 burglaries in the months leading up to (and including) May, so despite strident efforts to combat crime there are still a few too many cases of burglary for comfort.

Combating Opportunism

Of course, a neighbourhood that has been named as a hotspot for burglary isn’t necessarily an undesirable place to live; in fact often it is the wealthiest and most desirable locations that feature heavily upon crime lists. However, the fact remains that the vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic in nature, and so preparing your home or business premises will often dissuade the vast majority of unwanted attention. Appearances count for a lot, and if a property looks secure it will usually be passed by in favour of easier pickings.


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