Health & Safety


Things you should know about Industrial Doors and Shutters relating to Health & Safety.

The Health & Safety Executive define:

  1. All doors and shutters as part of the workplace.
  2. Powered doors and shutters as ‘Work Equipment’ and ‘ Machinery’
  3. Fire doors and shutters as ‘Fire Fighting Equipment’

Person or persons can be convicted if found to contravene the legislations.


Relates to the maintenance of the workplace and equipment and it states:

“The workplace and the equipment, devices and systems to which this regulation applies shall be maintained in an efficient working order and in good repair.”

This applies to all your doors and shutters.

“Certain equipment (specifically POWER OPERATED HOODS) shall be subject to a suitable maintenance system”

A recent communication received from the Health & Safety Executive:

The legal position on the provision of anti-fall devices to upward opening doors (or gates) is thus clear. Providing the Primary anti-fall back device (such as a counter balance spring) is effective in achieving the function required of it by regulation 18(2)(b), then the employer will have met his duty under WPR. Should such a door fall back following the failure of the counter balance spring (for example) the HSE would not seek to prosecute the employer providing that he could demonstrate that he had taken all the reasonable steps to prevent this failure. Such steps would be the implementation and operation of a proper maintenance regime for the primary anti-fall back device.


Regulation 6 (applicable from 1st January 1993 states:

“Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and good repair.”

“Each employer shall ensure that where any machinery has a maintenance log and the log is kept up to date.”


Regulation 6 (which applies from 1st December 1997) states:

“Where necessary in order to safeguard the safety of employees in case of fire, the workplace and any equipment and devices provided in respect of the workplace under regulations 4 & 5 (firefighting equipment, emergency routes and exits) shall be subject to a suitable maintenance and to be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”

At ABACUS SHUTTERS we can carry out Free of Charge an inspection of your premises and provide you with a quotation for a programme of maintenance and expert appraisal of the current state of your doors and shutters, to ensure you do not contravene the Regulations.

4. BS7036:1996 & BSEN16005:2012

The code of practice for safety at powered doors for pedestrian use.

Abacus Shutters Limited have a policy of ensuring that all our installations meet the recommendations set out in the above standards.

The standards are split into 5 parts.

  • Part 1 – General
  • Part 2 – Straight and curved sliding doors and prismatic and folding doors
  • Part 3 – Swing doors and balanced doors
  • Part 4 – Low energy swing doors
  • Part 5 – Revolving Doors

As an end user and/or specifier of automatic doors it is imperative that you seek advice for both new installations and existing installations of automatic doors.


We recognise our responsibilities and therefore carry full insurance cover for the work we provide, this includes:-

  • Employer Liability
  • Public/Products Liability
  • Contractors All Risk

A detailed copy is available on request