Fire Curtains & Smoke Curtains

What’s the Difference Between Fire Curtains & Smoke Curtains?

On the surface, it can appear that there aren’t many differences between fire curtains and smoke curtains. Both products serve essential roles in helping to prevent the spread of fires and depending on your business’s requirements, you could choose to install each for different reasons.

Here’s a simple explanation on the application of both fire curtains and smoke curtains:

Fire Curtain

A fire curtain will maintain the compartmentation of buildings needed to limit the spread of fire and smoke, while also allowing access to protected escape routes, both vertical and horizontal.

Smoke Curtain

Smoke curtains stop smoke from reaching another part of your building. They can also be used to channel smoke through a specified route to remove it as quickly as possible. You’ll find that smoke curtains don’t descend all the way to the ground. Instead, they drop to just above head height. This is an ideal solution for businesses looking to stop the spread of smoke, while also not blocking any potential avenues of escape.

Fire & Smoke Curtain

In many cases, companies will opt to purchase a mixture of both fire and smoke curtains to slow down the spread of fire, while also containing the spread of smoke. This is an effective way to ensure that all of your staff are safely out of the building in the event of a fire, while also giving the emergency services ample time to address the fire before it spreads further.

Fire & Smoke Curtains

Fire and smoke containment is extremely important in the refurbishment or construction of a building. Abacus curtains are compact, flexible and aesthetically neutral whilst being more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly than traditional methods of fire and smoke containment.

You can rest easy at night knowing that our curtains have all undergone full witness sampling, cycle testing and surface testing.


  • Fire Curtain (up to 120mins integrity)
  • Smoke Curtain
  • Fire & Smoke Curtain


  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Cinemas
  • Shopping Centres
  • Plus many more


  • Fire protection
  • Easily accessible by emergency services
  • Aesthetically neutral
  • Minimise risk to life

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