Brilliant Break Outs: Amazing Prison Escapes That Should Have Been Avoided (Part 2)

We recently started a series that looked at some of the most unbelievable prison escapes that have taken place around the world. Bearing in mind the fact that prisons are where the world’s most dangerous people are kept, it’s a little worrying that these escapes aren’t as uncommon as you would think.

We really enjoyed writing the first part of this series, so we’re back with even more brilliant accounts of prison breakouts!

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A Wooden Gun Escape

John Dillinger was a criminal who was put in prison back in the 1930s. He’s best known for being a high profile bank robber, having carried out around 12 separate robberies over a period of just one year.

After getting caught robbing a bank in East Chicago, Dillinger was sentenced and put in Crown Point jail in Indiana. This was a prison that was considering maximum security and referred to as being ‘escape proof’ – due to the number of guards posted there.

His escape plan included kidnapping a janitor who was bringing supplies to his cell, as well as several other prison employees. He did this by threatening them with what looked like a Colt gun. He ended up with 17 hostages in his cell before he made his escape.

They later found out that the gun he had been using was one that he had spent time carving out of wood – it wasn’t real. Oops!


Out of Here on a Helicopter

Prisons in Europe often have their exercise yards on the roof of the prison, which is something that prisoner Pascal Payet has used to his advantage several times.

He was found guilty for a murder that occurred during a robbery and sentenced to thirty years in a prison in France. It was whilst exercising on the roof back in 2001, which he managed to escape by simply getting picked up by a helicopter.

Two years later, he returned to the prison in a helicopter and helped three prisoners break out in the exact same way that he had. Unfortunately, they were all recaptured and Payet was given an extra 7 years on top of his original sentence.

Unbelievably, he escaped AGAIN in 2007 – via helicopter once again. This time he was in a completely different prison in France. He hasn’t been seen since.

Helicopter flying

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