Brilliant Break Outs: Amazing Prison Escapes That Should Have Been Avoided (Part 1)

If we think of places that we expect to have the best possible security available, one of the first locations we think of are prisons. Considering they house some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, it’s safe to say that we would expect them to have top notch security in place.

Prisons are home to some truly terrible people; therefore they must be secured in a way that is impossible to break out of right? Unfortunately, as you will see, there have been quite a few notorious prison breakouts over the years. In fact, prison escapes are still happening today.

Curious? We have put together some of the most amazing (and worrying) prison escapes that have happened over the years.

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Breaking Out of Maze Prison

In an escape that is still considered one of the biggest in British history, the 1983 prison escape is one that is still remembered clearly today. On the 25th September 1983, 38 Irish Republican Army prisoners who were imprisoned in Maze Prison in Northern Ireland for a number of murder and terrorist charges, managed to escape from the prison.

Around 2.30pm, the 38 prisoners used guns that had been smuggled in, to take control of the block that they were being kept in. The driver of a food truck that was bringing supplies to the prison was caught up in the escape, and was made to drive the prisoners out of the area. Several prison officers were shot and killed during the escape, and one even suffered a heart attack. Even today, only 19 were arrested again.

Before the escape, the prison was considered as being escape-proof. Therefore, several changes had to be made after the incident!

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Escape From Alcatraz… Well Maybe?

During the time that Alcatraz federal prison was in use, it was considered as being the most secure prison in the whole world. Located on an island, and surrounded by dangerous waters, it was the perfect location to hold some of the world’s most dangerous prisoners. Therefore, it was a shock for the whole world when three prisoners managed to escape. Well…they might of escaped.

Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin spent over two years preparing for their big break out. After discovering that there was an unguarded corridor behind their cells, they slowly and carefully chiselled away a concrete cell wall that would give them access to a vent. They then climbed out of the vent onto the roof, went down 50 feet of piping to the ground and used a makeshift raft to escape over the water to San Francisco.

A lot of reports claim that the men actually drowned after making it out, as they were never seen again. However a lot of people still believe that the men managed to do the impossible and escape Alcatraz. No bodies were ever found, so it’s not too farfetched to believe that they made it to San Francisco.

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We love a good prison escape – keep checking back as we have a lot more to explore!

Whilst we enjoy reading about these fascinating escapes (although we’re glad we don’t live in the same areas), it does highlight the importance of having the highest quality security in place.

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