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Security Shutters For Your Home

When you think of security shutters, your first thought is probably that you’ve seen them on a lot of commercial premises. Sturdy, grey metal, keeping out ram raiders, burglars and the Great British weather. It’s very unlikely that you’d be… continue reading

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Fire Shutters or Fire Curtains?

There are a number of ways you can protect your building from the spread of fire, with the most popular being fire shutters and fire curtains. When it comes to designing modern industrial buildings, fire protection is something which designers… continue reading

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Is a Glass Door Right for Your Business?

Ever ponder over what kind of door is best suited to your business? There are plenty of things to consider, of course. Do you go automatic, handle or swing? What colour? And, most importantly, what material? Well, today, Abacus Shutters… continue reading

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Why Retail Security Shutters are Essential this Festive Period

The nights are drawing in, the Christmas adverts are coming in thick and fast, and the shops are packed with early Christmas shoppers scooping up the best deals in advance of December. If you’re a retail business owner, you know… continue reading

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How Do Roller Shutters Work To Maximise My Security?

Security shutters are designed to be unobtrusive, cost-effective and are often the perfect cost-effective way to secure your premises when you are not on site. But how do roller shutters work, and why are they so effective at protecting from… continue reading

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Are Glass Doors the Best Option for Your Business?

If you own your business premises, you will want to ensure they are as attractive as possible; especially if you are looking to entice new clients or to recruit talented staff members. The look of your premises all starts with… continue reading

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Four Types of Property that Benefit from Secure Entrances

When it comes to safety and theft prevention at an affordable price, security shutters and doors are unparalleled. They don’t just act as deterrents; they also have the durability to keep even the most determined of intruders on the outside…. continue reading

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Why Shutters Are Essential For a Retail Business

There are a number of different sectors in which business premises security is vital. Offices, industrial, motoring… However, it’s particularly vital in the retail sector. Here are some of the main reasons why.

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3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

A pretty exterior isn’t just easy on the eyes. When it comes to real estate, a home’s kerb appeal can make or break a sale the instant a prospective buyer approaches the property. In this post, we’ll go over three… continue reading

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Will Security Shutters Make My Premises Look Ugly?

It can feel like a balancing act trying to keep your premises both secure and aesthetically appealing. After all, if you have a high-end shop or you are providing caring services from your business premises, making your building look as… continue reading

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