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3 Key Benefits of Security Shutters

If you are considering having security shutters installed at your premises, you can expect a number of benefits, some of which may surprise you. Here are just a few ways in which security shutters can benefit your commercial business premises.

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Preventing Tragedies with Fire Resistant Shutters

In any building, the safety of the occupants should be of paramount importance. Whilst safety laws and building regulations are designed to protect residents and workers, management committees and owners can always do more to offer enhanced safety and security…. continue reading

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3 Excellent Ways for Small Businesses to Stay Safe and Secure

As a small business, it’s vital that your premises stay safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The livelihoods of you and your workers depend on keeping your stock and services secure, and you have a duty of… continue reading

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The Unexpected Benefits Of A Steel Door

When you have to think of a word to describe a steel door, most people will immediately think of the same word — secure. We all know that steel doors provide the highest level of safety and security, that’s not… continue reading

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How to Protect Your Business Premises from Arson

Arson attacks cost UK companies millions each year in damage to premises, lost stock and in disruption to business operations. So how can you protect your London-based business from arson?

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Secure Your Commercial Premises Over the Holiday Season

When the holiday season is upon us, more businesses are shutting down for long bank holiday weekends and ensuring that employees get to enjoy a proper break. But when the premises are empty, the risk of burglaries increases. So what… continue reading

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Do You Need Planning Permission to Install Security Shutters?

Security shutters are a great way to protect your business from theft and could end up saving your business thousands simply by preventing a loss of stock and by reducing your insurance premiums. When it comes to installing security shutters… continue reading

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Shop’s Security

When it comes to your shop, security is the priority above all else. Even if business is booming, you’re on the rise and you’ve just been named shop of year, it can only take one incident to turn it all… continue reading

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How Modern Fire Shutters Work

Modern fire shutters are an important part of a wider fire strategy designed to reduce the risk of fire. Crucially in the event of a fire they will minimise risk to both property and life. Other important parts of a… continue reading

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Beat the Burglar By Thinking Like the Burglar

Burglars will usually go for what appears to them to be the easiest option every time. They will pick the easiest way into the easiest target. Whilst very few places could ever claim to be truly “burglar-proof”, by making your… continue reading

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