Bizarre Burglaries

Diamonds, cash, laptops and gold; these are the most common robbery fare.

But some burglars have rather more unusual tastes – after all, there really is value in everything.

Inspired by this, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more bizarre burglaries that have hit the headlines in recent years, which just go to show you can never be too careful.

Penguin in Peril

Sometimes life really can be like a movie. Back in 2012, three men broke into a SeaWorld in Australia, following a particularly heavy drinking session.

After swimming with the aquarium’s resident dolphins, the trio snatched up an unsuspecting penguin by the name of Dirk, before making their escape.

In a scene reminiscent from The Hangover, the men were later baffled to discover poor Dirk in their apartment the next day. And it’s hard to say who was the most confused.

Luckily, Dirk escaped this ordeal relatively unscathed, and was eventually returned to SeaWorld, where he was reunited with his mate, Peaches.



Beach Theft

Everyone loves the beach, and we’re all guilty of bringing a little sand home between our toes.

But as enticing as the thought of having your own beach is, most people would agree that attempting to steal one probably isn’t going to work out.

However, back in 2008, police in Jamaica were left baffled after hundreds of tonnes of sand went missing from a beach on the north coast of the island.

The as-yet-unidentified thieves made off with a whopping 500 truck-loads of sand, before vanishing without a trace.

How these brazen beach thieves managed this herculean feat remains somewhat of a mystery, and the whole affair has left police rather stumped.

Surprisingly, sand is actually pretty hot property in Jamaica, thanks to its booming tourism industry. In fact, the illegal trade of sand is a rather profitable business on the island, and is more common than you might think.

A Bridge Too Far

If someone offered to sell you a bridge, would you take it? Probably not. After all, most of us aren’t in the market for a 220-tonne bridge. Regardless, one group of robbers certainly thought there was room on the black market for bridges.

In what was a case of bridge today, gone tomorrow, a group of thieves managed to steal a whole bridge in one night, in the Kocaeil province of Turkey.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. In May 2011, in an act of spectacular audacity, a group of thieves in the Czech Republic made off with a10-tonne steel pedestrian bridge, which they later sold for scrap.

These crafty crooks had duped police officers with forged documents, claiming to be dismantling the bridge to make way for a new cycling route.


A Tangled Tale

Yes, you did read that correctly! Hair isn’t exactly what most people would consider a valuable asset, at least not in monetary terms. Yet that’s exactly what it is – which is why thieves are so keen to get their hands on it.

Thanks to celeb culture, the sale of hair extensions has soared of late, and so too has the market for this hot commodity. For example, back in 2011, salons across the US were struck by a spate of hair thefts. Hair-raising stuff!

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