Are You Being Too Social Online? How You Could Be Putting Your Security at Risk

It’s safe to say that more than half the population are now active on social media. Whether it’s posting or ‘checking in’ on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or uploading selfies onto Instagram – people are a lot more involved online then they were a few years ago.

Whilst this helps people keep in touch with each other in ways that weren’t possible before, it also brings about a lot of potential risks to security. These risks are rarely discussed and a large number of the public are probably unaware that they are even doing anything that could be putting them in danger.

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As a company who offers a comprehensive range of fire and security shutters in London, security is something we are passionate about. Therefore, we want to help you remain safe in your own home. We have put together a guide to how you can stay safe when posting online and keep yourself out of danger!

Checking in Everywhere on Facebook

When Facebook first released the ‘checking in’ feature, everyone thought that it was brilliant. It gave people the chance to brag or show off about where they are, so that they could make everyone on their friends list very jealous. Whilst it’s fun, it could be also inviting criminals to break into your home.

Potential thieves will know where you are and how far away from your home you are. Checked in at a theme park miles from home? Brilliant – plenty of time to go break into your home.

Stop checking in – people don’t need to know your every movement.

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Letting People Know You’re Going on Holiday

We get that you’re really excited to be going on holiday but advertising it to the whole of the internet could be a big mistake. By letting everyone online know that your whole family is off on a two week holiday, you’re also letting them know that your house is going to be empty for a few weeks.

Avoid putting it out there. You can let people know by texts and emails and just wait until you return to show off all your holiday pictures and information

Taking Pictures of Financial or Personal Information

Some people get excited when they pass their driving test or finally get a new passport, and feel like they need to share it online. We understand that you’re excited but you could be putting your security at risk. All it takes is for someone to copy down all your details, and then they have a lot of personal information about you. Indentify theft is on the rise due to social media – so don’t make yourself a victim.

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