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    3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

    A pretty exterior isn’t just easy on the eyes. When it comes to real estate, a home’s kerb appeal can make or break a sale the instant a prospective buyer approaches the property. In this post, we’ll go over three easy and effective kerb appeal tips to create a beautiful exterior.


    Discover Your Green Thumb

    Plants are always a sure-fire way to add a little more kerb appeal to a property. Excluding the middle of winter, there are a number of annual plants that are always in bloom. If you have any flowerbeds, window boxes, or pots in your front garden, breathe fresh life into them with a new, colourful arrangement of flowers. If you tend to have problems growing anything in your front-garden flowerbeds, try helping the process along with a little dark mulch. This will give the flowers you plant a healthy glow, and save you from having to resort to artificial plants.


    Paint Your Home Happy

    Paint is one of the most high-value home improvement tools you have in your arsenal. With a decent-quality tin starting at around £30, giving the front door, shutters and trimmings a fresh coat can have an incredibly potent effect. The front door can have a particularly big impact on your kerb appeal, so consider searching for a door supplier Manchester if yours is looking a little too run down. Replacing faded house numbers with shiny new ones can also make a huge difference to your home’s kerb appeal, as can little touches like a new porch light or welcome mat.


    Let There Be Light!

    Add a little more interest to your front garden by flanking the walkway with some solar light fixtures, which are both affordable and easy to install. Because most of them are fixed on a stake, you can place them in a wide range of places, positioning them where they’ll highlight your exterior’s best features. Whether you want to accentuate your plants and flowers, the front door itself, or some interesting custom feature that will set your home apart from the rest, solar light fixtures are a cheap and easy way to make a big impact to your kerb appeal.

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